Hello~ I'm Nootly. Mostly Noot, or about ten other variations of that. I'm something-or-other in gender and prefer they/them pronouns. This is a personal blog but I also use it for my art! A lot of my side fandoms change but there will always be Homestuck. My OTP is johnkat and this is also a part-time Karkat appreciation blog.

mostly when I’m drunk tbh

well that’s different kinda

I can’t read this face :) as anything but passive aggressive anymore does anyone use this face for real anymore beside’s like parents

WHERE did the anime characters getting pregnant meme start all of a sudden it was everywhere but I haven’t seen the original announcement 

Anonymous asked:

So John, what do you think of how caliborn... portrayed Dave and Karkat's relationship?


EB: oh no, it is totally wonderful. i just love how he is bastardizing my best friends.
EB: he deserves a medal or something. he is just so wonderful at art and being a good person.

EB: maybe i should reward him by PUTTING MY FOOT UP HIS ASS!!!!!!!



i keep thinking of karkat scream-singing fall out boy in the shower but then the lyrics getting too real for him and he’s sobbing down the tile wall and staying in so long he gets pruny and puffy and then he gets out and dave asks if he was crying because he can’t sing or what


storming-hearts replied to your post:I left all my work at home

dang look at u so punk WOW your hair matches your shirt i am in amaze this is not sarcasm u look coolio

liSTEN YOU FREAKIN NERD,. I’M SUper punk leave me alone„


*does a pushup* when will i become bara

aaaand xkit isn’t working right on this computer


I left all my work at home


They say whoever smelt it dealt it so technically this weed is yours officer



My math binders are always red every year I feel like math is just a red subject

Math is a blue subject and I’m prepared to fight you over this


if you have a friend who leaves an abusive relationship whether it was romantic or platonic and you keep in contact with their abuser youre not their friend like holy shit why would you do that to them 

I had a very cool dream but I can’t remember most of the details. There was an impending alien invasion and lots of space stuff and the planet was surrounded by these weird structures…. A lot of stuff happened at night and there was a lot of standing in vegetable gardens and staring at the sky and being late to school the next day